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Generally, we invest for different reasons.

We need to invest for the objectives we want to achieve, that can be for retirement, education, buying a home …….

How do you ensure your money is working as hard as you are?

Finding out your money personality is a great start to developing the management, saving and investment strategies that are going to work best for you.

Investing successfully can be extremely complex, we use a personalised investment strategy, using a combination of shares and managed funds.

Direct Shares

The sharemarket gives individuals the opportunity to purchase part-ownership in a company which is listed on the stock exchange. This part-ownership entitles you to a share in the company’s future profits which you receive in the form of share dividends. You also have the opportunity to benefit from the potential growth in share price as the company grows, which means your initial investment is growing as well.

Managed funds

Come in many shapes and sizes. Some funds invest in just one type of investment such as Australian shares, while others known as diversified funds, invest across a range of asset classes including Australian shares, international shares, fixed income, property securities and cash.

So whether the amount being invested is $2,000 or $200,000, the money has access to the investment buying power of millions of dollars. This buying power means you can benefit from opportunities normally only available to large corporations or those with extensive specialist knowledge.

We can show you how to build an investment portfolio to create greater returns on your money, call us to found out how

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